Food Sustainability Heroes

Why – Macro

FoodWe are motivated into action by the global challenge of attaining sustainable food production, consumption and eating habits. Around 30% of manmade greenhouse gas emissions stems from our food systems. These systems have to be improved by people with a sustainability mindset that inspires others. Food Sustainability Heroes are key change makers in the food making industry.

Why – Micro

Sustainable planningThere is not only a knowledge gap but on top of that, there is a disconnect between what we know and what we actually do. Our mission is to inspire head chefs and staff to implement step by step action for more sustainable planning and serving of food. While simultaneously empowering them to communicate and inspire their clients. To succeed, the Food Sustainability Heroes will be armed with knowledge, tools and support.


Sustainable knowledgeBy using a systemic and data driven approach coupled with a strong focus on culture building in workplaces, we improve people’s food sustainability knowledge, communication skills and encourage attitudes towards sustainability. We involve the clients in every step of the process. This ensures ownership and empowerment.


Food Sustainable HeroesFood Sustainability Heroes is a collaboration between different companies with unique and complementing competences. We deliver our services in English and Norwegian.

IntoFood has developed digital technology for measuring and increasing the sustainability of food. The knowledge and tools help the food service industry to reduce their footprint in a planned and evidenced based manner.

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IntoFoodDiversity Icebreaker is a proven and successful tool for team-building and dealing with multiple perspectives within groups. The tool is already used in 70 different countries and provides a solid foundation for sustainable communication. Read more about Diversity Icebreaker here

Since 2001 Splint has developed experienced based learning workshops that establishes shared values and anchors new behaviours in the workplace. Read more about Splint here

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